Personal and Business Agreements and Forms

Listed below are over 600 agreements and forms for personal (marriage, divorce, trusts, children, wills, healthcare, loans, real estate, etc) and business (corporations, partnerships, boards, shareholders, banking, finance, employment, customers, vendors, etc) situations. Get them free with your annual subscription membership.


•Child Support Payments: Violation Notice (Adaptable to compliance, noncompliance, etc.).
•Child Visitation Rights: Violation Notice (Adaptable to compliance, noncompliance, etc.).
•Child Visitation Rights: Standard Notice
•Divorce Certificate: Request for
•Divorce General Release
•Divorce Work Sheet
•Pre-divorce Agreement
•Property Settlement
•Reconciliation Agreement


Estate & Administration
•Account Identification & Collection by Executor
•Affidavit of Domicile
•Assignment of Estate by Heir
•Assignment of Estate in Favor of Creditor
•Checklist, for Use by Executor
•Death Instructions
•Declaration of Nominee Trust
•Decline to Serve as Trustee or Personal Representative
•Employment benefits request
•Estate Oath in Front of Notary
•Joint and Mutual Will
•Last Will and Testament
•Life Insurance Policy, Collection by Executor
•Nuncupative (Verbal) Will
•Partial Assignment
•Personal Information for Trust Preparation
•Renunciation of Inheritance
•Request for Notice of Filing of Estate or Probate Proceedings
•Revocable Trust
•Revocation of Living Trust
•Revocation of Wills or Codicils

Family & Children
•Birth Certificate, Request (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Child Care Authorization
•Child, Legal Issue & Majority Status
•Custodian, Release by Minor
•Death Certificate, Request for (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Enrollment Confirmation
•Guardian of Minor Child, Conditional (Adaptable for Unconditional)
•Marriage License, Request for (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Minor, Contract Status
•Power of Attorney
•Release & Indemnity (Adaptable as a Hold Harmless Agreement too)
•Transfer under the State Uniform Gift to Minors Act
•Trip Permission Slip


Health Care
•Life Sustaining Statutes by States (Check for Updates)
•Attorney for Injury Suit Agreement (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Authorization for Medical Treatment
•Authorization for Release of Medical Records (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Authorization for Release of Medical Records, Cover Letter (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Autopsy, Consent to (Adaptable to non-consent)
•Denial of Medical Insurance Claim Response (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Power of Attorney, Durable for Health Care (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Referral Request for Patient
•Revocation of Health Care Power of Attorney

•Change of Beneficiary (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Life Insurance Information Request
•Pledge of Life Insurance Policy to a Creditor
•Subrogation Agreement
•Sworn Statement of Loss: General
•Sworn Statement of Loss: Vehicle

Legal Utilities

•Arbitration Agreement
•Arbitration or Mediation Agreement
•Bill of Sale
•Breach Notice
•Claim Settlement
•Creditor Demand, Response to one
•Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury, with Notarization
•Extending Closing or Completion Date
•Guaranty with No Pledge
•Guaranty with Pledge
•Mediation Agreement
•Payment Forwarding
•Promissory Note
•Promissory Note with a Balloon Provision
•Promissory Note, Demand
•Ratification of Agreement
•Receipt (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Release (Also Known as a “Hold Harmless” Agreement)
•Release of Interest
•Seller’s Confirmation of Receipt & Acceptance of Order
•Seller’s Notice of Commencement of Performance
•Settlement Agreement
•Soldier’s and Sailor’s Relief Act, Notice of Applicability
•Waiver of Condition (Adaptable to a Non-waiver)


Marriage & Partnerships
•Consent to Marriage of a Minor
•Prenuptial Agreement
•Ratification of Marriage
•Residence Sharing Agreement
•Residence Sharing Agreement, Alternative II

Power of Attorney

•Physician’s Statement of Mental Competency
•Power of Attorney: Financial Matters
•Power of Attorney: IRS (Adaptable to other such requests)
•Power of Attorney: General
•Power of Attorney: Motor Vehicle Only
•Power of Attorney Revocation
•Power of Attorney Revocation: Alternative II
•Ratification of Power of Attorney: Adaptable to other such documents)

Promissory Notes
•Nonrecourse & Nonnegotiable Note
•Promissory Note
•Promissory Note Assignment
•Promissory Note in a Series
•Unconditional Guarantee Agreement (Adaptable to other such document requests)

Real Estate Contracting
•Bid Bond
•Change Order
•Contracting Agreement
•Draw (Advance) Request
•Release of Labor Lien
•Release of Material Provider Lien
•Release of Mechanic’s Lien

Real Estate Deeds
•Certificate of Value
•Quit Claim Deed
•Warranty Deed
•Warranty Deed, with Limitations (Adaptable to no limitations)
•Warranty Deed, with Spouse Release

Real Estate Landlord/Tenant
•Agreement to Execute Lease & Deposit Receipt
•Bank Verification
•Commercial Lease, Offer to Lease by Tenant
•Employment Verification
•Landlord Consent to Assignment
•Landlord Notice to Enter Premises
•Late Notice, from Landlord
•Lease Amendment
•Lease with Option to Purchase
•Moving Information
•Notice to Tenant to Leave or Pay
•Property Sold Notice to Tenant
•Renew Lease, Option Notice to Landlord
•Rent Increase Notice
•Rental Application
•Repairs Notice to Tenant (Adaptable to Landlord)
•Security Deposit
•Sportsman’s Lease
•Surrender of Lease & Premises by Tenant
•Surrender of Sublease Premises by Tenant
•Tenant’s Pre-inspection List
•Waiver of Distraint (Chattel Claims)

Real Estate Ownership
•Acceleration of Contract
•Assignment of Contract
•Assignment of Mortgage
•Assignment of Mortgage as Security
•Brokerage Agreement: Nonexclusive
•Brokerage Agreement: Exclusive
•Building Maintenance Agreement
•Discharge of Mortgage
•Encroachment Agreement
•Escrow Agreement
•Exchange Agreement
•Facility or Stadium Advertising Agreement
•Fence Line Agreement (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Fire Extinguisher Sale & Maintenance Agreement (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Hazardous Goods Removal Notice
•Homestead Declaration
•Lien Release
•Moving House Contract
•Offer to Purchase
•Option for Real Estate
•Right of Way Agreement
•Right of Way Grant
•Subordination Agreement
•Utility & Contractor Agreement
•Vending Machine Agreement (Adaptable to other such document requests)


•Amendment to Trust
•Bill of Transfer to Trust
•Charitable Remainder Trust
•Charitable Trust
•College Education Trust
•Letter Requesting Transfer to Trust
•Living Trust
•Nominee Agreement
•Revocation of a Trust
•Trust Declaration
•Trustee Resignation (Adaptable to an acceptance)


Banking, Collections, Finance
•Abatement of Litigation Agreement
•Account Assignment
•Accounts Receivable: General Assignment
•Accounts Receivable: Specific Account or Accounts
•Agreement for Judgment
•Assignment of Debtor’s Account Notice
•Authorization for Bank (or others) to Release Information
•Bad Check Notice: Final
•Bad Check Notice: First
•Bank (or other) Loan Agreement
•Banking Resolution of Corporation (Adaptable for other resolution purposes)
•Check, Stop Payment Notice
•Collateral Assignment of Lease (Adaptable for other assignments)
•Collection Agreement (Adaptable for other agency agreements)
•Credit Card Negotiation for Better Terms (Adaptable for other requests)
•Credit Denial Notice (Adaptable for other denials)
•Credit Reference
•Creditor Objection to Debtor Offset (Adaptable to other objections to offsets/deductions)
•Debit Your Account: One time (Adaptable to other account deductions/debits)
•Debit Your Account: Ongoing (Adaptable to other such ongoing deductions/debits)
•Debt Compromise Agreement
•Debt Settlement Letter
•Debtor Request for Statement from Secured Party (Adaptable to any similar request)
•Debtor Partial Payment on Account
•Demand for Additional Collateral
•Deposit Return for Lack of Performance (Also good for advances)
•Discharge of Guarantor
•Estoppel Letter
•Guarantee Termination (Adaptable to any notice of termination)
•Guarantor: Final Notice (Adaptable to any debt collection)
•Guarantor: Attempt to collect letter (Adaptable to any debt collection)
•Judgment: Assignment (Adaptable to any asset assignment)
•Letter of Credit Agreement
•Loan Purpose: Affidavit (Adaptable to any statement of purpose relating to proceeds)
•Mortgage Broker Agreement (Adaptable to any agency agreement)
•Mortgage Commitment Letter (Adaptable to other financial commitments)
•New Payment Account Notice
•Pawn Agreement
•Pledge of Life Insurance (Adaptable for other pledges of collateral)
•Pledge of Royalties (Adaptable for other pledges of future earnings or salaries)
•Pledge of Stock (Adaptable for other pledges)
•Promissory Notice: Default Notice (Adaptable to any notification of default)
•Ratification of Unauthorized Signature
•Security Interest: Release (Adaptable to all releases of collateral)

Business Agreements
•Accounting Services Agreement (Adaptable to other services agreements of all kinds)
•Ad or Media Agency Agreement
•Agreement Cancellation
•As is Sale (Adaptable to all Used product purchases)
•Asset Purchase Agreement
•Auctioneer Agreement (Adaptable to other similar service agreements)
•Bill of Lading
•Bulk Sales Agreement
•Bulk Sale Agreement Advance Notice to Creditors
•Bulk Sale Agreement Notice to Creditors
•Bulk Sales Escrow Agreement
•Cancellation for Breach, by Seller (Adaptable for all breaches by seller, buyer or related party such as an investor)
•Cancellation of Order
•Certificate of Seller
•Claimant for Reduced Price (Adaptable for price reduction requests)
•Consent to Assignment (Adaptable to other forms of consent)
•Consignment Agreement
•Consulting Agreement
•Co-op Agreement
•Credit Agency Subscription Agreement
•Distributor Agreement: Exclusive
•Distributor Agreement: Non-exclusive
•Equipment Lease
•Equipment Lease: Assignment to other (Adaptable to other lease assignments)
•Firm Offer
•Fleet Service Agreement
•Goods: Sale Agreement
•Indemnification Agreement
•Independent Contractor Agreement (Adaptable for all 1099 Contractors)
•Inspection of Goods and Acceptance (Adaptable for rejection)
•Installment Loan or Note
•Jump Bid
•Lawyer Retainer Agreement (Adaptable to any retainer agreement)
•Lawyer Retainer Agreement on Contingency (Adaptable to any contingency agreement)
•License Agreement: Simple
•Lien Release
•Limited Warranty
•Management Agreement
•Marketing Agreement
•Messenger Service (Adaptable to other service agreements such as gardening/plowing)
•Non-compete Covenant
•Nondisclosure and Non-circumvention
•Option to Purchase
•Packaging System Agreement (Adaptable to other systems purchases)
•Past Due: Final Notice
•Past Due: First Notice
•Promotional or Product Placement Agreement
•Purchase Agreement: Amendment
•Ratification of Agreement (Adaptable to almost any ratification)
•Release by Creditor
•Repossession Services Agreement
•Right of First Refusal
•Rolling Stock Lease
•Sales Rep Agreement
•Salvage Agreement
•Seller’s Agreement to Repurchase
•Settlement Agreement
•Submission Agreement Policy (Adaptable to almost any policy)
•Subrogation Agreement
•Substitution of Collateral and Release Consent
•VAR Distribution Agreement
•Vehicle Rental (Adaptable to almost any rental)
•Vessel Brokerage (Adaptable to almost any brokerage agreement)
•Waiver of Claim Breach (Adaptable to almost any waiver of breach)

Corporate Formalities
•1244 Stock Approval by Board
•Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
•Borrowing Resolution for a Corporation (Adaptable for all resolutions)
•Business Trust
•By Laws Approval by Board
•Certificate of Incorporation
•Certificate of Incorporation: Board Acceptance
•Certificate: Board Secretary
•Conflict of Interest Disclosure
•Consent Legend for Shares in Private Corporation
•Corporation Setup: Various Board Approvals
•Demand for Directors’ Meeting
•Demand for Shareholders’ Meeting
•Director Indemnification
•Director Proxy
•Incorporator Action: Initial
•Incorporator’s Waiver: Board Approval
•Minutes of Special Board Meeting
•Minutes of Special Shareholder Meeting
•Shareholder: New Assumption Agreement
•Shareholder Agreement
•Stock Subscription
•Unanimous Consent: Directors Annual Meeting (Adaptable to almost any consent)
•Unanimous Consent: Shareholders in lieu of Annual Meeting (Adaptable to any meeting)
•Unanimous Written Consent (Adaptable to most written consents in corporate life)

•Authorization for Release of Information (Adaptable to general requests for information)
•Drug and Alcohol Testing: Applicant Consent Form (Adaptable to other employment related consents)
•Employee Lending Agreement
•Employee Rules of Conduct (Adaptable to other forms of rules of conduct)
•Employment Agency Agreement: Temporary
•Employment Agency Agreement: Permanent
•Employment Manual & Employee Signature
•Employment Records, Employee Permission to Release
•Fidelity Bond
•Final Release: Employee
•Independent Contractor Agreement
•Independent Contractor Notice
•Job Applicant Rejection Letter
•Job Offer Acceptance by Employee
•Job Offer Cancellation
•Job Offer Cover Letter
•Jury Duty Policy
•Nondisclosure Agreement
•Non-solicitation Agreement
•Overtime Policy
•Payroll Deduction Authorization
•Polygraph Testing
•Reference Letter, Request by Employer
•Reference Letter, Request by Employee
•Release Covenant, Employee to Employer
•Resignation Letter by Employee, Employer Acceptance
•Resignation letter by Employee
•Stock Option Agreement
•Termination During Probation Period
•Termination, Regular Employee
•Travel & Expense Policy
•Tuition Reimbursement
•Wages, Assignment of

Financial & Investments
•Dissent Notice of Shareholder (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Investment Club Partnership Agreement
•Letter of Credit
•Lost Stock Certificate Request
•Private Placement
•Purchase & Sale of Private Shares (Adaptable to other such document requests)

•Lease & Buy Agreement
•Pledge of Stock Agreement
•Security Agreement
•Stock Pledge

Media & Broadcast
•Advertiser & Agency Agreement
•Advertiser Agreement
•Advertising Purchase Order
•Banner Advertising
•Book Publication Agreement
•Cease & Desist Notification, Copyright (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Contest Eligibility Rules
•Duplication or Replication Agreement
•Eligibility for Award and Release, Affidavit of
•Employment Agreement, Actors
•Engineering Service Agreement
•Illustrator & Author Agreement
•Joint Author’s Agreement
•Non-compete, Contractor
•Non-compete, Employee
•Personal Appearance Agreement
•Rebroadcast or Rerun Agreement
•Studio Use Agreement
•Talent & Model Release
•Testimonial Consent Agreement
•Trademark License Agreement
•Video or Film Release, Talent & Models

Non-Profit Organizations
•Articles of Association

•Conflict of Interest by General Partner, Release
•Escrow Agreement
•Fund & Expense Agreement
•General Partnership Limitation of Liability Agreement
•General Partnership Business Opportunities
•Limited Partnership Agreement
•Offer to Purchase a Partnership Interest
•Partnership Agreement
•Partnership Dissolution Agreement
•Payment Methods & Requirements Regarding Partnership
•Power of Attorney for Partnership 9 Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Tax Matters, Partner Designation

•Acceleration of Software Development (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Assignment of Domain Name (Adaptable to other such document requests)
•Beta Test Agreement
•Confidentiality Agreement
•Customer Maintenance Agreement
•Data Recovery Agreement
•Patent (Trademark) Assignment
•Patent License
•Software Development Agreement
•Software License Agreement
•Software Maintenance Agreement
•Source Code Escrow Agreement
•Technical Manual Author Agreement
•Technology Sales Agreement: Exclusive
•Technology Sales Agreement: Nonexclusive
•Trade Secret Agreement


•Address Change Notice
•Boat Brokerage (Adaptable for any brokerage or sales agency agreement)
•Cancellation of Membership Subscription
•Cancellation of Membership in Credit Card or Banking Relationships
•Catering Service Agreement (Adaptable to other services such as gardening)
•Charity Subscription Agreement (Can also be used for cancellation of pledge)
•Charter Agreement
•Claim for Damage or injuries
•Construction of Boat Agreement (Adaptable for other construction/building agreements)
•Credit Card
•Credit Card Loss (Adaptable to any document lost)
•Credit Denial: Request for Information (Adaptable to most information requests)
•Credit Agency: Request for Report
•Disclosure Notice: Your right of Rescission (Adaptable to many notice requirements for cancellation)
•Lottery Pool Agreement (Adaptable to many group agreements as to responsibilities etc.)
•Notice of Revocation: Vehicle
•Odometer Mileage Statement (Adaptable to many other testimony situations)
•Offer to Purchase: Vehicle (Adaptable to almost any offer to purchase)
•Release by Creditor
•Reservation Letter
•Retraction Demand
•Right of Rescission
•Service Complaint (Adaptable to almost any formal complaint)
•Usury Notice



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